Procédure de redrapage du visage à Montréal – Québec


Chirurgie de raffermissement du visage

Si vous envisagez une chirurgie de rajeunissement du visage à Montréal (Québec). Le chirurgien plasticien Dr Edouard Coeugniet vous aidera à obtenir un relooking du cou et du visage plus lisse et plus jeune. En vieillissant, les effets naturels du temps peuvent avoir des conséquences néfastes sur notre apparence. La peau perd de son élasticité, des rides se forment et les contours du visage peuvent devenir moins définis. La chirurgie de lifting est une procédure cosmétique qui peut aider à traiter ces signes du vieillissement, en redonnant une apparence plus jeune et rafraîchie.


What is a facelift? Have you been considering a facelift?
A facelift can rewind the effects of time, age, and stress on your face or neck like nothing else! Among popular facial rejuvenation procedures, a facelift in Montreal is the definitive solution for sagging and wrinkled skin that both men and women choose for lasting results.

The aesthetic goal for top facelift surgeons is to reveal a natural-looking, graceful improvement to your appearance that helps you look like your best, younger self. Not pulled or altered in a surgical way.

This procedure is primarily used to treat significant skin laxity and deep facial creases. Dr. Ed Coeugniet uses a variety of facelift techniques that allow him to customise your surgery to your specific needs and desired outcome. The goal is to achieve a rejuvenated version of yourself.


What are the Benefits of a Facelift?
The Facelift is the foundation for rejuvenation of the aging face and neck. Although the name might imply otherwise, a Facelift helps to restore a more youthful appearance to not only the face, but the neck as well. In fact, the benefits of a Facelift can be categorized into facial and neck improvements.


Facial improvements:

  1. Lifts and tightens the facial skin
  2. Elevates the jowls (for a clean, sleek jawline)
  3. Elevates descended cheek fat (for healthy, youthful cheek fullness)
  4. Helps to smooth the folds in the corners of the mouth (marionette lines) and smile lines (nasolabial folds)


Neck improvements:

  1. Loose neck skin is removed and tightened
  2. Fat in the neck and under the chin is removed
  3. The vertical ‘neck bands’ that are caused by neck muscle laxity are corrected



  1. Skin sagging in the mid or lower face
  2. Hollowing in the midface
  3. Facial fat that has migrated from one area to another
  4. Loss of definition and formation of jowls along the jawline
  5. Wrinkles lining the nose and mouth area


Further Information on Facelift Surgery and Recovery
Surgery is performed under General Anaesthetic. No dressings are required and most sutures will be removed after 7 days. Occasionally the recovery of patients who have significant neck lift surgery is benefited by wearing a chin strap garment at home for 1-2 few weeks after surgery. You can usually return to work and social life by around 10 days for Limited Incision SMAS Facelift and 10-14 days after SMAS Face and Neck Lift surgery . Routinely patients can start returning to light exercise by 2 weeks but need to refrain from more strenuous activity for 6 weeks.


Dr. Ed Coeugniet has a particular interest and experience in facial rejuvenation surgery. The length of time for the operation varies, depending on how much correction is performed. Most facelifts take anywhere between two and four hours. Dr. Coeugniet will begin by making the incisions and then carefully reposition underlying tissue and muscle to create a natural appearance and prevent the windswept look of facelifts past. He will then remove excess skin to produce a smooth surface to the dermis with a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Dr. Coeugniet is highly trained and experienced in both surgical and non-surgical techniques. He regularly performs a wide range of procedures (including Facelift, Neck Lift, Temple Lift, Brow Lift and Blepharoplasty) to address concerns about facial shape or contour and about excessive signs of ageing in the eyes, face, neck, forehead, chin, cheek and mouth. Dr. Ed Coeugniet cares for patients from all over Greater Montreal Area and Canada, who are referred to him for specialized facial surgery.

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