Asian blepharoplasty

Would you like to beautify your eyes? CONSULTATION WITH DR COEUGNIET

Asian blepharoplasty

Would you like to beautify your eyes?
  • Duration
    45-90 minutes
  • Type of anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
  • Recovery
    5-7 days

Asian eyelids have particular physical characteristics, especially regarding the upper eyelids. Thus, some do not have any folds, which therefore gives a particularly constrained appearance to the gaze.

The Asian blepharoplasty allows to recreate the eyelid fold, at the level of the upper eyelid. This procedure therefore creates a crease on the upper eyelid or makes it possible to confirm a light crease and to adjust its position.
This procedure changes the shape of the eyelids to enlarge the eyes and create a crease. The gaze thus becomes wider and more rounded.

Thus, the goal of this intervention is to beautify the eyes. The biggest challenge of this intervention is to keep the character of the gaze intact and not to modify it.

Many Asian women no longer hesitate to have cosmetic eyelid surgery to open their eyes and beautify them.


Several surgical techniques can be used depending on the excess skin, but also on the fatty tissue between the eyelashes and the palpebral fold:

Full incisions: Dr. Coeugniet makes a horizontal incision along the eyelids to create a crease. Then, he detaches the skin from the orbicularis muscle. The eyelid is then sutured, and the scars will be concealed in the created crease.

Mini-incisions: this technique consists of making mini-incisions located at the level of the desired eyelid fold. Dr. Coeugniet then sutures each of the mini-incisions. However, this technique can only be performed in people who do not have excess skin and whose tissues have little fat.

Slide incision the eyelid is sutured


Check out the gallery of Dr. Edouard Coeugniet to discover the before and after pictures of the procedures.

These pictures will help you understand the results of the procedure and will allow you to fix realistic goals for your aesthetic results and wellness.


Your face, often a reflection of your personality, must be considered as a whole in order to respect balance and naturalness!

Dr Edouard Coeugniet has expertise and years of experience in Asian blepharoplasty procedures. Over the years, Dr Coeugniet’s primary mission has always been to meet the needs of his patients and offer them personalized, human services that meet the highest standards.

Schedule a consultation at our clinic with Dr. Coeugniet. He is at your disposal to inform you and advise you according to your morphology and your expectations.


How long does the intervention last?

Usually performed under local anesthesia, the surgery lasts between 45 and 90 minutes.

How will the days after the operation unfold?

To reduce swelling, the application of ice is recommended.

Should I plan for a recovery period?

You can return to work a few days after the procedure, and physical activities can be resumed gradually about a week later.

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