Breast Reduction for Men

Would you like a more masculine and firmer torso? CONSULTATION WITH DR COEUGNIET

Breast Reduction for Men

Would you like a more masculine and firmer torso?
  • Duration
    1-1.5 hours
  • Type of anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
  • Recovery
    7-14 days

Breast reduction for men

In many men, breast tissue slightly grows, which can create discomfort or embarrassment. This is called gynecomastia. It can cause significant social discomfort (refusal to dress lightly in summer, to go to the swimming pool, to be shirtless to your partner or in a sports group, etc.).

Fortunately, relatively simple surgery can be achieved to reduce the size of the breasts, which will help you gain confidence and feel good about yourself… as a man!


The treatment of gynecomastia significantly improves the male body contour. It is a frequent intervention which brings great satisfaction to many gentlemen.

Male breast reduction requires a much different method than that practiced for women. The surgery is started with liposuction.

Depending on the case, an incision will be made around the nipple or on the sides, then the excess gland will be removed. Liposuction will better define your pectoral.

The glandular tissue is then entirely removed under the skin. The scar thus remains very small in size and becomes almost invisible after a few months.

Depending on the type of tissue, several possibilities are possible:

  • Removal of excess glandular tissue
  • Elimination of excess fat
  • A combination of these two techniques

Slide Liposuction of male breasts

Slide Male breast reduction


Check out the gallery of Dr. Edouard Coeugniet to discover the before and after pictures of the procedures.

These pictures will help you understand the results of the procedure and will allow you to fix realistic goals for your aesthetic results and wellness.


How to have a male bust again?

Dr. Edouard Coeugniet has expertise and years of experience in male breast reduction procedures. Over the years, Dr. Coeugniet’s primary mission has always been to meet the needs of his patients and offer them personalized, human services that meet the highest standards.

Schedule a consultation at our clinic with Dr Coeugniet. He is at your disposal to inform you and advise you according to your morphology and your expectations.


What does this procedure consist of?

Depending on the case, an incision will be made around the nipple or on the sides, then the excess gland will be removed. This is preceded by liposuction, which will better define your pectoral.

How long does the intervention last?

Performed under general anesthesia, the surgery lasts between one hour and two and a half hours.

How will the days after the operation unfold?

After the operation, dressings will cover your incisions. Dr Coeugniet will remove them during the postoperative visit scheduled 5 or 10 days after surgery. Your breasts will be swollen and may bruise for the first two weeks. You will need to wear a compression camisole for two weeks.

Should I plan for a recovery period?

You can return to work a few days after the procedure, but you may have to wait longer if your job requires physical labor. Physical activities can be gradually resumed about three weeks later.

Can I lose my nipple sensitivity?

Immediately after surgery, the sensitivity of the nipples may be slightly impacted. After 4 to 6 weeks, the breast regains all its sensitivity. In some cases, this recovery can take more time.

Can I resume a sporting activity quickly?

Resumption of physical and sports activity can be considered, pending the approval of the cosmetic surgeon, approximately 10 days after the operation.

What are the causes of gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia originates from a hormonal imbalance that promotes the development of the mammary gland in men.

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