Buttocks surgery

Would you like to enhance, reshape or plump your buttocks? CONSULTATION WITH DR COEUGNIET

Buttocks surgery

Would you like to enhance, reshape or plump your buttocks?
  • Duration
    2-4 hours
  • Type of anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
  • Recovery
    7-14 days

Buttocks surgery

Having a pretty derrière is part of a feminine silhouette. Due to aging, after childbirth or weight loss, the buttocks may sag. This sagging of the muscles and the underlying fatty tissue makes the pretty round shape of your buttocks disappear.

This is how it appears:

  • In the upper part of the buttocks, a lack of volume.
  • In the lower part of the buttocks, an excess of volume.

Butt lift tightens the skin to make the buttocks rounder, firmer and shapelier. This procedure will make you feel great about yourself no matter what you wear!

If you want to improve the appearance of your buttocks and increase their volume,  lipoinjection, also commonly known as BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT, BBL, is a procedure to consider. It involves removing fat by suction from places where it is not wanted, and then injecting it back into the buttocks. You will therefore be a double winner!


Buttocks lift consists of raising the sagging buttocks by practicing a scar at the height of the panties. It essentially consists of removing excess skin and reshaping the buttocks contour.

Apart from the simple liposuction of certain parts of the buttocks if necessary, it is also possible to reshape them by carrying out a reinjection of fat. Thus, fat is taken from the parts of the body where it is not wanted, and then reinjected into the areas of the buttocks that need to be contoured.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Coeugniet will therefore suggest a butt lift operation, or buttock lipoinjection and liposculpture. If this procedure is right for you, Dr. Coeugniet will tell you about it at your first appointment. All decision-making aspects will be discussed with Dr. Coeugniet to define the most harmonious surgical solution.

Slide Resection of
excess skin





Check out the gallery of Dr. Edouard Coeugniet to discover the before and after pictures of the procedures.

These pictures will help you understand the results of the procedure and will allow you to fix realistic goals for your aesthetic results and wellness.


Do you find your buttocks to be too loose, too flabby, too small or shapeless?

Dr. Edouard Coeugniet has expertise and years of experience in buttock lift procedures. Over the years, Dr. Coeugniet’s primary mission has always been to meet the needs of his patients and offer them personalized, human services that meet the highest standards.

Schedule a consultation at our clinic with Dr Coeugniet. He is at your disposal to inform you and advise you according to your morphology and your expectations.


What does this procedure consist of?

It consists in raising the sagging buttocks by practicing a scar at the height of the panties.

For BBL, fat is reinjected through minimal incisions.

How long does the intervention last?

It lasts between two and four hours for the simple facelift, for the BBL between 4 and 6 hours.

How will the days after the operation unfold?

After the operation, a bandage will be placed on the scar and drains in some cases. A week later, during the check-up, the bandage and drains, if any, will be removed. The threads do not need to be removed since they are absorbable.

Should I plan for a recovery period?

In general, you should plan a work stoppage of one week.

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