Brow Lift

Brow Lift in Montreal /


This cosmetic procedure, sometimes also called a forehead lift, raises the brow to improve the appearance of the forehead, brow, and the area around the eyes. When the skin and muscles of the forehead become saggy and lax, the brow skin droops over the upper eyelid. The eyes become heavy and wrinkled. The effect of this droop is a sad or angry appearance.

Brow lift surgery, also known as a forehead lift, elevates the brows and improves wrinkles on the upper part of the face. This procedure removes excess skin and tightens the tissues to create a rejuvenated appearance in the forehead, eyebrows, and eyelid areas.


Benefits of an eyebrow lift

  • Improves forehead wrinkles

Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are improved by over 80% to reveal smooth, youthful skin over the brows.

  • Corrects fine lines

The vertical grooves between the brows, known as “frown lines,” are enhanced to help express a more cheerful and relaxed facial appearance.

  • Rejuvenate your eyes

Drooping brows that hang over the eyes can make you appear tired or angry. With a brow lift, you can project a more alert and friendly appearance.

  • Improve line of sight

Excess skin and fatty tissue in the eyebrows can be lifted to correct vision affected by this tissue that covers the eyelids.


To help address this sagging, Dr Edouard Coeugniet performs brow lift surgery at his Montreal, Quebec facial plastic surgery practice in order to tighten the skin and muscles and lift the outer brow, opening up the look of the face and reducing the heaviness of the folds around the eye.

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