Asian rhinoplasty

Would you like to reshape the size and remodel your nose? CONSULTATION WITH DR COEUGNIET

Asian rhinoplasty

Would you like to reshape the size and remodel your nose?
  • Duration
    45-75 minutes
  • Type of anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
  • Recovery
    5-7 days

Asian rhinoplasty

In a very variable way from one patient to another, Asian patients have peculiarities of their nose that are more or less present depending on the case and more or less difficult to correct. To do this, specific rhinoplasty techniques have been developed and are grouped under the term of ethnic rhinoplasty.

The majority of patients do not wish to lose their origins by this intervention. What they expect from ethnic rhinoplasty is a correction of important specifics just like any cosmetic rhinoplasty.

In this context, implants are often used. They can be of different origins, the silicone of which can be used to better define its edge and its point. Injectable fillers can also be used in some cases.


Performed under local or general anesthesia, the surgery has a variable duration depending on the corrections to be made.

The surgeon combines traditional rhinoplasty techniques with reconstruction techniques depending on the anatomical challenges and goals of the patient. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a wider range of surgical skills than traditional rhinoplasty.

  1. The skin. The first constraint is the thickness of the skin, which is often significative. Thus, the skin masks the contours of the underlying cartilages. The work on the cartilages must therefore be very important so that the new reliefs are visible. It is possible to partially thin out too thick skin.
  2. The tip and back of the nose: refine it and increase its projection. The tip of the nose is often too wide and flattened, because its cartilages (alar cartilages) are often too developed and too weak. Rhinoplasty can therefore achieve:
    • The excision of excess cartilage
    • Sutures of the cartilages to fold them back and increase their projection
    • Cartilage grafts on the tip, to better define and project it.
    • Bone or silicone grafts on the nasal bridge to project it more
  3. The nostril wings: reduce them. Most often, the wings of the nose are too long, flat with too wide a nostril threshold. Ethnic rhinoplasty removes the excess nostril.

Slide the definition of the
edge and the point
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and length


Check out the gallery of Dr. Edouard Coeugniet to discover the before and after pictures of the procedures.

These pictures will help you understand the results of the procedure and will allow you to fix realistic goals for your aesthetic results and wellness.


Would you like to improve the appearance of your nose or change its expression?

Dr. Edouard Coeugniet has expertise and years of experience in Asian rhinoplasty procedures. Over the years, Dr. Coeugniet’s primary mission has always been to meet the needs of his patients and offer them personalized, human services that meet the highest standards.

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How long does the intervention last?

Usually performed under local anesthesia, the surgery lasts 45 to 75 minutes.

How will the days after the operation unfold?

You will need to wear a bandage over your nose for a week.

Should I plan for a recovery period?

You may be able to return to work about a week after the procedure, or two weeks if you are working with the public. Physical activities may be gradually resumed three to six weeks later, depending on the type of activity.

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