In a pleasant environment, Dr Coeugniet’s team will welcome you with rigor and professionalism.

They are a dedicated, passionate and exciting team, who are always available to listen to the patient’s request and to explain precisely all the techniques available to you and the results you can expect from them.


Peggy has been part of Dr. Coeugniet’s team since 2012, as clinical coordinator. She obtained her nursing diploma in general care in 1996 in France.

Very versatile, she has practiced in various specialties, notably in surgery, orthopedics, nuclear medicine, hematology, hemodialysis and psychiatry, and has specialized in wound care.

Peggy was also involved in the clinical research on the first islet of Langerhans transplant in type 1 diabetic patients, which is a source of great pride for her.


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Experience and passion at the service of patients.

Whether for plastic, cosmetic or reconstruction surgeries, Dr. Coeugniet is committed to supporting his patients in this important process which will allow them to improve both their quality of life and their self-esteem. CONSULTATION WITH DR COEUGNIET

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